Reasons not to start a business

Reasons not to start a business

Tired of your 9 to 5 and considering starting your own business?

What if I told you if you did, you could be looking at a 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. or sleepless nights? While launching your own successful small business might seem like the manifestation of the freedom, many times becoming an entrepreneur equates to selling your soul and freedom to that venture you want to pursue!

The success stories in the media deceive many and we all have the perception that it is a one-night success.

So here are some reasons NOT to start a business

You’re Not Passionate About the Work: If you don’t love and believe in your idea 100%, no matter how great your idea is, if you don’t have complete passion for it then don’t start, because you will be required to sacrifice everything from your career to your personal life to support your idea, if you’re not ready then starting your own business is not worth the risk. In that case, you should consider 9 to 5.

Competition failed: Just because you have an idea and you saw a competitor not doing the same idea well, is no reason for you to start. You should do your homework and see why the competition failed

You don’t have a Good Team: You have a good idea. You have identified all you need but you cannot get the right team, then don’t be headstrong as do it all alone, you are better or holding back till you form the right team.

Just for the Money: Just because you are broke and you need money, is no reason to start a business, the chances are that if you focus on the money instead of the problem you are trying to solve you won’t last long in the game.

You don’t like stress: You think you don’t have any bosses to answer to and stress you, right? Wrong! Sure, you don’t have a boss: you have “bosses” in the plural, possibly thousands of them. Your customers have become your new bosses! If you don’t listen to them and please them, your business will fail. As your workload and stress pile up during your endless hours spent sitting at your desk, you are at risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

You are a nice person: You will become an asshole, too, Surely, you thought your boss was one, right? Now that you are running a business you’ll have to make tough decisions each day which can include firing people and sometimes throwing “nice” out the window. If you’re not ready to walk down a potentially lonely road of unpopularity, you have no business starting a company!

You wanted freedom, right? Kiss Your Me-Time Goodbye: You assumed when you run your business, you will work when you want and take a vacation whenever you like. Life would be rosy, right? Not so. In reality, the only breaks you’ll get to take are when your computer freezes or when you doze off at your desk because you will find yourself waking up in the middle of your sleep because you have dreamt of a solution to a problem the business is facing. Sadly, even during sleep, you won’t really be in a state of relaxation. Once you start your business, you may never actually be able to take an entire day off for years! To be honest 24 hours a day is never enough for you, so if you cannot stomach this then don’t start a business.

Your Relationship(s) Will Suffer:  This the best part of the advice, you assumed that you will have time to spend with your loved ones, Nope! That isn’t happening, you might be there physically but be sure that you will either be checking your emails, instant messages of social media accounts in order to track the progress of the business. So if you cannot stand this then don’t start a business.

Raji Musa; Founder Bilyak Consulting;;

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